Take Away

 Special take away offer…”Chez Vous” for 2 people  

Cin Cin...Mon Amour 

Oysters & Shellfish & Champenoise

€ 100,00


2 Scampi IQF North Sea (per person)
2 Sicilian Red Shrimp (per person)
2 scallops IQF big size (per person)
2 Oysters Poget Speciales (Marennes – France) or concave Speciales Gillardeau Charente-Maritime - France (per person)

1 bottle Méthode champenoise - aging on the lees for 60 months
Fongaro Spumanti Metodo Classico (grape Durella 100%)

Take Away full menu

Raw fish

Oysters Poget Speciales l’ Exquise - Marennes - France € 5,00 each one

Oysters Speciales Gillardeau - Charente-Maritime - Francia € 5,00 each one

Tuna Carpaccio. Mediterranean Tuna carpaccio with pink grape fruit dressing € 20,00

Scallop IQF Big size € 5,00 each one

Scampi IQF North Sea € 5,00 each one

Red Shrimp IQF Sicilian raw shrimp - Gold Cat. € 6,00 each one

“Carabineros” Shrimp IQF Galizia raw shrimp 1st cat. € 22,00 each one

Caviar Asetra 10 gr. € 45,00 (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtti)
One of the most re􀃀 ned caviar for its sophisticated taste with a distinctive nutty aroma,
and for the medium-large 2.7-3.0 mm crunchy grain, brown and gold in color, with
amber shades. Served with salted French butter and blinis


Raw Beef Carpaccio with Asiago cheese foam, durum wheat crispy chips and
oregano oil. € 18,00

Prawns in “Saor” sweet&sour, with onion, vinegar, sultanas almonds,
pinenuts & spices. Old fashioned recipe of Cuocho anonimo Veneziano XIV° sec., € 18,00

Cod with anchovis. Seasoned cod salad with anchovis, caper fruits powder and percil sauce.
Popular tradition recipe dating back to the 19th century,€ 18,00

Tuna Carpaccio. Mediterranean Tuna carpaccio with pink grape fruit dressing € 20,00

First Courses

Spaghetti with “Sepe in Tecia”. Spaghetti with cuttlefish in black sauce,
a great classic dish of the venetian cuisine € 20,00

Linguine alla “Buzara”. Durum wheat pasta “Benedetto Cavalieri” with scampi,
cherry tomatoes, garlic and chilli pepper. Dalmato-Veneta old fashioned recipe, € 24,00

Main Courses

Umbrine fish fillet with Scamorza cheese cream, “marinara” tomato,
crispy Taggiasca olives and basil oil, € 28,00

Rubia Gallega beef fillet with green asparagus, salted peanut butter and
beef sauce € 42,00


Homemade Ice Cream
from Gelateria Fantasy. 400 gr Bowl - Max 3 flavors € 8,00
Available flavors:: Hazelnut, Stracciatella, Amarena, Lemon, Mango, Dark Chocolate
Vanilla, Pistachio

historical classic food
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historical classic food
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