Tuesday 16 February 2016 HISTORY OF VENICE 5.00 pm – admission free

In my view, very few females are able to show — as well as Vincenza Armani (1540? – 1569) did — the extraordinary human and economic climate in the Most Serene Republic of Venice and those who lived there.
Armani was born in Trento, it is not known exactly when, into a poor family. Her parents were wandering “actors” who performed sketches to make ends meet. Armani, all the same, fell in love with this taxing profession and, naturally, chose Venice as her adopted homeland. She hoped for a human and artistic release, for herself if not for her parents.
She was overwhelimingly successful in Venice; one need look no further than the members of the prominent Grimani family, who had a residence in the Santa Maria Formosa church and were entranced by her; she was also known abroad. She was a complete artist: an actress, playright, poet amongst other things. She was dedicated to originality, and boasted a priceless desire to laugh and be happy. She never wanted to get married, though she had numerous lovers. She died after being poisoned, overwhelmed by the jealousy of her ‘colleagues’ who were utterly inferior to her.

Curated by Prof. Marco Zanetto

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