Tuesday 6 November 2012 5.00 p.m. – Free admission - POETRY

Federico Fontanella was born and lives in Venice, where he worked as a lawyer for 50 years. He is a Member of the Ateneo Veneto institution and a great literature enthusiast who has published a number of books, including poetry volumes entitled Ventate di malinconia, Ostarie venexiane and Abbandonati alla pietà del cielo, and works of prose called No tuti i mati xe in manicomio, Scuola di Burano e altro, and Antonio Margarini ovvero: la sera del 12 maggio 1797. He is working on others.

Many of his poems have also been translated and published in Spain.

His surname means “small fountain” and the poet Umberto Saba wrote the following about the word: “It offers a drop of life to every life”. Nothing could be more beautiful than this verse, which he has adopted as his spiritual motto.

Introduced by Francesca Brandes

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