Saturday 11 October 2014 PAININTG 5.00 pm – admission free

When painting meets food, the results can sometimes be surprising. And “surprising” certainly applies to Toni Vianello, a young graduate of Venice’s Academy of Fine Art who, one day, decided to give it all up and go to London with a friend to work in a restaurant. Humble work, to start with, but followed by a chance to follow his French chef to Paris to work as a cook. After a number of years learning his craft, Vianello decided to open his own osteria in the Marais district. Before long, it had turned into a small restaurant and found great favour with a number of illustrious intellectuals and artists. Food rubbed shoulders with art until, in 2004, one of Vianello’s friends and clients, the Spanish artist Miquel Barcelò, decided to invite him to Geneva as his assistant (and personal chef) to work on the decorations of the imposing dome of UNESCO’s Assembly Hall. After this, Vianello dedicated himself to painting full time, leaving the Parisian restaurant and hiding himself in his studio. Here, he would produce canvases and colours, as he once had, depicting the world he best knew and loved. Vegetables, fruit, animals: living still lifes in evocative materials and colours, fleshy, mouth-watering, “soiled”, almost surreal … Toni Vianello is also a successful author of cookery books, with a particular focus on the cuisine of Venice. He was born in Protogruaro, near Venice, in 1950. He lives and works in the Veneto region, Paris and Cape Verde.
Curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 22 October

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