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Presentation of the book with the partecipation of the author Prof. Paolo Borsetto.

In January of 1782 arrived in Venice, under the name of Northern Counts, the hereditary Princes of Russia Paul Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna.
The Princes visit follows the stay in the lagoon of Henri de Valois in 1574, of Carlo Gonzaga in 1609, of the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1628, of Maximilian of Bavaria in 1684, of the Duke of Brunswick in 1685, of Frederick IV of Denmark in 1708, of Prince Frederick Christian in 1740, of the Duke of York in 1767, of the Emperor Joseph II in 1769 and 1775. Pope Pius VI will arrive in 1782 and Gustav III of Sweden in 1784.
Paul I Petrovich Romanov (St. Petersburg, October 1, 1754 Saint-Petersburg, March 23, 1801) was Emperor of Russia from 1796 to 1801. He was the son of the Empress Catherine (1729-1796) and of the Emperor Peter III (1728-1762).
Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg (Szczecin, October 25, 1759-Pavlovsk, 5 no-November 1828) was the second wife of Emperor Paul I of Russia and Empress of Russia under the name Maria Fyodorovna.

Presentation by Prof. Paolo Borsetto

Organization by Sergio Fragiacomo.

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