Saturday 3 October 2015 PHOTOGRAPHY 5.00 pm – admission free

In the preface of Stefano Cusumano’s photography book “Informal Venice”, the well-known Venetian writer Renato Pestriniero writes “…the author reached the heart of this meeting point of reality and unreality, otherwise known as Venice… travelling to its roots to capture the synthesis and symbiosis of water and stone…”; these words do much to sum up the pictorial variety and conceptual characteristics on display in Cusumano’s work.
Cusumano was born in 1947, in Palermo, but has lived in Treviso for around 40 years. He started to make a name for himself back in 2002, with a combined exhibition — of painting and photography — at the Palazzo Piazzoni Parravicini in Vittorio Veneto. This came as a result of a longstanding friendship with Gianpaolo Corona, a painter from Belluno, in the Veneto region.
Following on from this he gained recognition on numerous occasions in the world of photography, winning national and international prizes, being recognised by the FIAF (Italian Federation of Photography Associations), putting on solo exhibitions, participating in workshops and producing three photography books: “RiflesSile” (published by Arcari – 2005), “Dimensione Istria” (published by Punto Marte – 2012) and the aforementioned “Informal Venice”. The latter work, since being presented at the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice in October 2010, has received great media attention, with the author also giving interviews on national radio news programmes (GR2 and Radio3).

Exhibition curated by Andrea Zaccarelli.
Works will remain on display until 22 October 2015

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