Thursday 3 December 2015 PAINTING 5.30 pm – admission free

“I have always drawn. I have been painting for more than ten years. I love nature, people and poetry. My art is the way in which I express my desire to live. Sometimes I sing about love, other times I yell against injustice; sometimes I share in others’ pain, other times I try to experience the phenomenal world. I like to excite and get excited, to listen to words and sounds and translate them into lines and colours. I use strong, decisive and defined shades, which have an expressive value; I adapt them to my markings. Sometimes I feel myself boiling over, like water or fire that is trying to escape; this is where my work hides, whether they are then translated into words, painting, graphics or sculpture, they are who I am and I am the filter, my eyes and ears, taking in what surrounds me”.
This is how Sara Casal talks about herself and her work. She was born in Belluno and is a graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature, from the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. By using different materials and tools, she tells us about her world, her thoughts, reflections, feelings and sights. She is a pupil of the sculptor Matteo Lo Greco, is part of the artists’ association SPA+A with which she has put on exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She lives between the Zoldo Valley and Venice.

Curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 19 December

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