Thursday 11 May 2017 PAINTING - 5.30 pm – admission free

A hugely prolific artist, poet and promoter of cultural initiatives, Luciano Dall’Acqua was, for many years, a fixture on the Venetian art scene. He was born in Venice in 1935. For 40 years (30 of which at the renowned Fucina degli Angeli glassworks), glass was his material of choice for communicating his creative bent, his work in this medium earning accolades from all over the world. Alongside his glass pieces, however, he also worked with intensity in the media of paint and engraving, addressing through his initial, figurative work, social and environmental themes such as the desolation of Porto Marghera and the degradation of the Euganean Hills, before taking a new, more intimate, spiritual path. In these years, he found a new visual language that attributed to gesture and composition the “primitive” function of language-message. It was a sagacious form of exploration, an answer to the mystery of life, which Luciano Dall’Acqua found in the civilisation of Ancient Egypt and which he retraced enthusiastically on canvas and handmade paper, giving space to aphorisms, exhortations, teachings, truths. A sacred path, measured out by natural components, fragments of buildings, figures, animals, objects, symbols, ancient colours and inserted stones, shells and leaves. His graphic work and paintings were exhibited all over Italy and abroad. His was an art of great humanity that stood as a song of life, as an invitation to respectfulness, understanding, peace, to the meeting of human beings following separation, to a journey into the beyond … a journey Luciano Dall’Acqua himself made in April of 2016, taking with him his exuberance and wisdom.

Curated by Attilia Zava

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