Thursday 7 January 2016 PAINTING 5.30 pm – admission free

Painting as if you were flying, dragged by the wind, in a dream that brings with it houses, trees, clouds, people, flowers, elves, large moons and heavy rain… This restless and dynamic colour, passes through nature and brings it back to life, with an inward Chagallian vision which liberates fantasies, memories and feelings. “…Like a follower of lyrical abstraction, he starts with colours, enhances them with his movement. Each volume is defined, with spaces where characters appear. That is where the notion of a “fairy tale” arises, a setting where everything can be portrayed…” (Monique Peron). Mauro Boschin was born in Noale, on the Venetian mainland. He was passionate about painting from a young age, he was well trained in the “bottega” (“workshop”) of two Venetian artists, Valeria Rambelli and Ottone Marabini, where he learned how to prepare colours and canvases, as well as various painting techniques. He is a shy artist whose paintings are an emotive gesture and has cut down on exhibitions in recent years. His exhibitions include those at the Galerie Fleury in Lyon (with which he has collaborated for a number of years) and a solo exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He lives and works in Venice.

Curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 21 January

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