Thursday 17 March 2016 PAINTING 5.30 pm – admission free

A combination and an individual component, anything, mobile or motionless, which catches your eye, attracts your interest, can set your feelings in motion and make you want to paint. It could be a human form, a still life, a landscape or the interior of a museum, an unmade bed or a laid table, a dress that has been hung up or a doll…
“I try to take a fleeting glimpse, which my eye catches from the world surrounding me, and then transpose this into painting, a permanent form. The procedure is not dependent on my imagination, or on a photograph; it comes from the way the eye actually seizes the light resulting from an action…”
For Maggie Siner, painting is a gesture of truth and beauty, a view that becomes the happiness of a single or multiple events. Maggie Siner was born in Providence (Rhode Island). She is a graduate of Boston University and the American University. She has actively exhibited her work; this has taken her all over the world and many of her works are on display in galleries, museums and private collections. As a painting teacher she has worked in China and France, as well as in USA. She fell in love with Venice and she has been staying here for long periods since 2008. She has placed the city and the lagoon among her favourite subject matter for observational painting. She showcases her ability to quickly capture the shapes and light of this location.

Curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 2 April

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