Painting as examination-consideration of the contemporary world and the rites of the masses: tourism, crowds, youth, fashion, homogenisation. Photographs that feed into a daily journal, colours that translate into the dynamic fluctuation of painting a shifting, agitated, composite, multi-coloured reality of humanity gathered together in the luminous, unifying radiance of a mobile choreographic space. A “solid body” that, as we see in the more recent paintings, can transform into a “void” in a metaphysical vision of solitary individuals in space. Igor Molin was born in Burano. Having graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, he specialised in Visual and Performing Arts. He has exhibited in Italy and abroad, earning numerous notable accolades and prizes. He works with a number of galleries in Italy, France and Slovenia, dividing his time between Riva del Garda – where he moved in 2008 to teach art – and the island of Burano.

Exhibition curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu

On display until 26 January.

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