Saturday 11 April 2015 PHOTOGRAPHY 5.00 pm – admission free

In his role of Regional Delegate for the Italian Federation of Photography Associations, he represents provincial delegates from all over the Veneto region, and forty or so associations and clubs in the region, with a membership of hundreds of amateur photographers.
He is originally from Villa Estense in near Padua, and has always been involved in photography and social-cultural activities. He teaches art, history and IT., and was a founding member of the local Pro-Loco organisation, the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, the analogous organ donor association and the Maestro Ferrari Foundation of Boara Pisani, and he is President of the Athesis Cultural Association that has been promoting photography, poetry, painting and other expressive arts for over thirty years.
He is on the IRRSAE’s register of experts (the Veneto region’s Regional Institute for Education Research and Experimentation). He has led courses for teachers on the use of images and IT in education, both in Italy and abroad. He has worked in promoting academic conferences on a national level, and supervised various painting exhibitions and photography events at home and abroad, such as the “Salone Athesis Internet Digital Photo”, which was founded in 1997 in collaboration with Padova Fiere and Fotopadova.
He is responsible for countless cultural, historical and promotional publications, as either editor or author. He has been a frequent collaborator with the Gazzettino and the Eco di Padova newspapers, with the periodical Arte Triveneta and with other publications that have featured his images and articles.
He has put together countless solo and collective photography exhibitions, and has received a variety of awards, specifically the honours AFI (Artista Fotografo Italiano) and BFI (Benemerito della Fotografia Italiana). He is the director of the Veneto Photography Museum of Boara Pisani.
This event is recognised by FIAF (Italian Federation of Photography Associations).
Curated by Andrea Zaccarelli
On display until 26 April 2015  

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