Thursday 4 February 2016 PAINTING 5.30 pm – admission free

This is Venice viewed through the curious and passionate eyes of a foreigner, discovering well-known landscapes and hidden corners in her day to day life. Through plein air painting she gets to know and gets a flavour for the city, travelling through it with colours and displaying feelings and emotions, of the past and the present, on the canvas. Ecaterina (Katya) Kubareva was born in Vladmir, one of the oldest cities in Russia. It was named UNESCO World Heritage Site because of, amongst other things, the frescoes by Andrej Rublev housed within the Dormition Cathedral. She is a History of Art graduate from the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts; her training as a painter began in the Russian capital, where she used to meet with a group of young artists with whom she began to paint in the open air. She then continued her art studies in Saint Petersburg and then went back to Moscow to work at an auctioneer which specialises in icons. In 2012 she moved to Venice, where she added her studies of the History of Art at the Ca’ Foscari University. She now lives and works in Venice and has taken up, with renewed vigour, her plein air painting. In her exploration of the landscape, he has been experimenting with new expressions.

Curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 18 February

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