Saturday 19 December 2015 PHOTOGRAPHY 5.00 pm – admission free

In recent times, we have been hearing Alessandro Angeli being mentioned more and more when it comes to local amateur photography.
The topic of his most recent production is taken from architecture and the urban landscape on the islands of Venice and the immediate hinterland. It is also inspired by the property investment between 1950 and 1970 as well as the building boom of the 1980s. His wish, however, is not to blindly present an objective reality; he choses, instead, to radically de-contexualise the settings, achieving graphic and conceptual prints.
His images, which are also greatly appreciated on social networks, are characterised by a painstakingly rigourous composition, formal synthesis and the contrast of colour combinations.
A Venetian born in 1962, he is an architect by trade and was taught by Italo Zannier during his university days. Zannier authoritavely imparted the notions of technique and history in photography. This is not the first time he has put on an exhibition in Venice – he has held a number of solo exhibitions at various venues in the historic centre and has also participated in collectives at the Palazzo delle Prigioni and the Venice Lido.
In 2015 he plans to participate in a collective with the Marghera Photography Association, at the Brolo (“orchard”) in Mogliano Veneto, and his own exhibit named “Marghera –Memento Urbis 2015”, at the Town Hall in Marghera.

Curated by Andrea Zaccarelli
On display until 7 January 2016

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