Thursday 22 October 2015 GRAPHIC - PAINTING 5.00 pm – admission free

Pictures produced by children, simple and minimalist, are able to tell us about the world around them, their affections and their desires. The most recent work by Adina Plugaru is inspired by the pictorial world produced by a group of children (with whom she worked); with the purity found within this, she displays glimpses of her own sights and feelings. Adina Plugaru was born in Galati, a city on the Danube, in the region of Moldavia in Romania. She is a graduate of Fine Arts, specialising in painting, from the University of Bucharest. Between 2007 and 2009 she was a teacher at the National University of Art and member of the Romanian Visual Artists’ Union. In 2010, thanks to a study grant from the Romanian Institute of Culture in Venice, she moved to Venice where she now lives and works. Her works follow a pathway of memory, a journal of events, actions and observations in which the artists allow the happiness of her imagination run free; this is a precious “game” of markings and colours which turns an everyday routine into a reflection on human feelings and emotions.

Exhibition curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu
On display until 5 November

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