Tuesday 22 March 2016 POETRY 5.00 pm – admission free

Poetry event featuring Fabia Ghenzovich author of Totem, (published by I Quaderni dell’Ussero, 2015, curated by Valeria Serofilli) and Stefania Battistella, author of “Primo Giorno senza Futuro” (“The first day, without a future”), (published by SEAM, 2015).
Fabia Ghenzovich is interested in poetry and the possibility of interacting, and being influenced by, the various languages of art, especially that of music; this was the case with Metropoli, which was set to rap-style music. She published “Giro di boa” (“turning point”) (Novi Ligure, 2007) and “Il cielo aperto del corpo” (“the body’s open sky”) (Kolibris, 2012). She has been involved in a number of poetry festivals such as: Fiume di poesia, festival di poesia performativa (Padua 2011); Festival Internacional Palabra en el Mundo (Venice 2013), 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Bologna 2013 – 2014); Festival delle Arti (Venice 2014); Arts’ Connection (Murano Glass Museum, Venice 2015); Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival (Venice 2015); Bologna in lettere (2015); Congiunzioni festival of poetry, writing, photography and video art (Spinea Library, Venice 2015).
Stefania Battistella works between Rome and Treviso. She published Briciole di pensieri e di velluto (“morsels of thoughts and velvet”) (Altro Mondo, 2010) and L’amore m’ha fatto fragile (“love has made me fragile”) (Thauma, 2012).
In 2011 she was a guest at the Ottobre in Poesia international festival in Rome, of which she became a member of the press office. Her poems feature in “Acqua Privata? No Grazie” curated by Marco Cinque.
She has toured with the “di me, di altri, ancora” and “d’amore e d’altre abitudini” shows with Beppe Costa. She represented Italy at the Nisan Festival in Galilee in 2012 and 2013. She was a guest at the 2015 “La Palabra en el Mundo” international poetry festival in Venice.

Coordinated by: Anna Lombardo and Lucia Guidorizzi

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