Saturday 22 September 2012 5.00 p.m. – Free admission - PAINTING

Monia Perissinotto is an interesting artist from San Donà di Piave whose name is coming up more and more frequently in the amateur photography circles of Veneto. Her pictures provoke powerful emotional reactions and she manages to give them great spontaneity and immediacy by working with some rather idiosyncratic equipment. The devices that she uses include the latest digital cameras, old film-based ones, peculiar toy contraptions and the ubiquitous mobile phone, which she fits with astonishing optical and electronic accessories.

Perissinotto first ventured into the world of photography a few years ago for professional reasons relating to her medical work. She immediately saw its expressive potential, which perfectly complemented her innate talent for visual arts. After focusing on simple landscapes initially, she has now found that “street photography” is her natural calling. During her time in her home region of Veneto and her frequent travels around the world – from Central America to the East and from Africa to the Indian Ocean and the United States – the photographer uses her creativity to filter the people that she encounters and portray them with striking contrasts of light, dominant, unnatural colours and prominent dark patches that give her images intense expressiveness and great visual impact.

She has recently displayed her work at the “Collettiva Arte” exhibition by the Tauriliarte cultural association in Torreglia (near Padua) and successfully participated in the “Physical Streams” international mobile-photography show at the “Overpass Workshop & Gallery” in Loano (near Savona).

Exhibition prepared by Andrea Zaccarelli

The works will remain on display until 3 October 2012

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