Thursday 18 October 2012 5.30 p.m. – Free admission - PAINTING

Lorella Fabro has close ties to the pictorial tradition of Venice and the Veneto region. She has little in common with the sirens of the contemporary scene and follows the path of analytical painting, looking into the experiences of the past for the knowledge required to conduct personal research in the figurative realm. She was born in Venice and studied with Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine Art before moving to Milan to work in fashion as a designer and graphic artist. She subsequently returned to Venice, where she attended the Free Nude Art School and studied ancient painting techniques in depth, under the guidance of the master Luciano Zarotti. She gained more experience at the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, where she made a number of copies of original paintings. Lorella Fabro depicts female figures, nature and landscapes. In her most recent artworks, she has focused on Venice and “portrayed” its movements and allure in the evening and night-time. It is an enchanted city of shadows and dazzling lights, gold and silver, reflections and ruggedness that reinvents itself and offers fresh emotions. Lorella Fabro has displayed her work in Veneto and a number of Italian cities. She lives and works in Mestre (Venice).

Exhibition prepared by Emanuele Horodniceanu

The works will remain on display until 1 November 2012

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