Thursday 17 January 2013 5.30 p.m. – Free admission - PAINTING

Female bodies and faces are captured and gathered while gesturing, moving, posing or expressing themselves. The simplicity of a pencil or the richness of colour can reflect anxiety, doubt, sensuality and sweetness. “Enigmatic people,” writes Elena Bovo, “can reveal their essence in an instant, and they may not subsequently show such transparency for a very long time. Once these people have been unveiled, they are rather nude and fragile, but nonetheless they can inspire affection which is at times disarming. The sensations transform inanimate objects into introspective creatures. They take the form of a clear, disconcerting symptom of life…”. Elena Bovo has a four-year undergraduate degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Art and she has been exhibiting since 2007. She lives and works in the province of Venice.

Exhibition prepared by Emanuele Horodniceanu

The works will remain on display until 31 January 2013

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