Thursday 13 December 2012 5.30 p.m. – Free admission - PAINTING

Burano has a close bond with artists: some of them fall in love with the island in the lagoon as they paint it, while others are born and work there. They include renowned artists like the late sculptor Remigio Barbaro and the painter/fisherman Carlo Memo, as well as up-and-coming young talents such as Andrea Tagliapietra, who adores his island and has created a striking setting/studio. He lives and paints in the location, which looks out on nearby Torcello. He began his artistic career at the State Art Institute and subsequently continued his studies at the International Graphic Art School in Venice. He complemented his education by attending “Studio 13”, a school that is run by the master Silvestro Lodi. For years he has conducted personal research into the human face. This has led to the production of works based on intimate, thoughtful experience that portray great, cultured figures who are often captured in unusual stances or exhibiting outlandish, bewildering behaviour. He reveals his reciprocal, emotional bond with his subjects with pictures that are sumptuous, vibrant and packed with powerful, explosive colour. He was presented with the Burano Award in 2008 and many of his works can be found in private Italian collections.

Exhibition prepared by Emanuele Horodniceanu

The works will remain on display until 21 December 2012

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