Thursday 5 March 2015 VENICE AND WINE 4.00 pm – admission free

The story of Marco Buvoli and his Pinot Noir begins in 1997 among the beautiful hills around Vicenza. An opificio is a space in which a craftsman can reflect, create and construct – his workshop, his laboratory. The opificio of Marco Buvoli is a winery. This is his creative laboratory, the place where his wines are devised and developed, where Marco can give full expression to his search for the “perfect Pinot”. His efforts are then focused on the vineyard: the choice of the best French clones, agricultural methods that respect the land and the environment – biodynamic – under the guidance of agronomist Leonello Anello. No fertilisers, just inter-row grass cover, green manuring, subsoil ploughing and, naturally enough, biodynamic preparations.
Presented by: Marco Buvoli, Winemaker
Coordinated by: Stefano Cipolato

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