Thursday 15 October 2015 - WINE IN VENICE - 4.00 pm – admission free

Non-profit Association created by Flavio Franceschet, Cesare Benelli, Gian Antonio Posocco and Vania
This year at the Bistrot, our most esteemed guests from the “Lagoon in a Glass” association will be warmly welcomed. They will present the results of a new year of work and dreams that have become reality.
A fair bit of time has now gone by since their adventure began; thanks to the commitment of all those involved, their work has borne fruit, not least the “Civiltà del Vino” (“wine civilisation”) prize, awarded by the Masi Foundation. Their efforts, however, are not limited to natural wine; the association is working hard to defend the landscape in the Venetian Lagoon.
We must give our thanks, on behalf of the city, to volunteers, associates and the many supporters who — with their manual labour, dedication and organisational assistance — have contributed hugely to giving new life to Venetian vineyards.
Coordinated by: Flavio Franceschet and all our many supporters!!!

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