Tuesday 10 November 2015 PAINTING 5.00 pm – admission free

It would be too simplistic to give an overview of the book “Malamore” by calling it an epistolary novel. The work not only resurrects an old genre, giving it a modern twist through emails and text messages, but also provides us with something else, a feeling of emptiness and nothingness which remains and could well be “malamore” (meaning ‘painful love’). The word “malamore” isn’t found in the dictionary, it is a mysterious and indecipherable state of mind. It is a feeling that is or is not present, with no in-between.
The plot mixes true/false and real/fake; the work mercilessly shines a light on our behaviour, repudiating positivity and revealing all that is hidden, beyond feelings of comfort. The work is dry in its misery, remaining original, disconcerting and at the same time human in its dysfunction.
Presented by author Jacopo Terenzio

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