Thursday 15 December 2016 PAINTING 5.30 pm – free admission

Seven artists to interpret a season, that of the cold, the short days, the rain, fog, snow and ice. The joy or melancholy of winter, with its festivities and memories, the landscape that loses one colour only to find another, the growing torpor of outdoor life and the home made warm refuge in which to envelope oneself. Winter, in other words, with its patterns, forms, lights and silences, bodies nesting in padded jackets, and the apprehension or anticipation of the next summer. Experiencing winter in paint is a group of artists who have all had solo exhibitions in the Bistrot’s calendar of events in recent years: Andrea Pagnacco, Sissi De Martin, Marie Dargent, Doris Luger, Mauro Boschin and Lodovico Berardinelli, Roberto Marchiori.

Exhibition curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu.

On display until 12 January.

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