Tuesday 17 November 2015 POETRY 5.00 pm – admission free

This book, dedicated to his wife Leda, is entitled “Racconti e Scritti Veneziani” (“Venetian stories and writings”), because in each and every piece of writing, Venetian things and places are spoken of; either that or things which evoke Venice and its enduring agony, as it has slowly slipped away for more than two centuries.
Federico Fontanella is himself Venetian, but chose to migrate to Mogliano Veneto, where he has lived for some time now. For a long time he worked as a lawyer in Venice. Now over 80 years old, he is simply waiting for death to befall him. He keeps himself occupied during this long wait by publishing volumes of poetry and narratives. He does so because, at the moment, he believes it is all he knows how to do, or at least, able to do.
The poet Umberto Saba wrote that his surname “offers a source of life, to every life”. This is a verse he likes very much, in which he would ideally see himself; he would love it to become his motto.

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