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Staff Bistrot De Venise
Staff Bistrot De Venise


A long and passionate journey…

Sergio Fragiacomo Bistrot De Venise

Carlo, Sergio, Paolo

The Bistrot de Venise was established in the heart of Venice in 1993, as a venue and city meeting place where food and wines are paired with cultural events linked to the city of Venice, from the figurative arts to poetry and intellectual gatherings.
... in 1999 we embarked on a study of Rare Wines and Historical Venetian Cuisine which heightens our concept of culture in the context of Veneto food and wines. Today, we continue to pursue this course...

Stefano Novello

"A life without research isn't worth living" - this is Stefano Novello's motto.

His career began at Locanda Locatelli in London, supporting and drawing inspiration from Giorgio Locatelli and other top chefs.

In 2007 he joined the team of renowned chef Marcus Wareing at Gordon Ramsay's 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Pétrus.

After two years of hard, uncompromising work, he flew to Australia to find a completely different food culture. Stefano's Australian experience led him back to Venice as a technical and organisational consultant for menu creation, kitchen and staff restyling; he built on his experience at Polo SpA as head of research and development for innovative food products. This experience found a home at the Venetian restaurant Oliva Nera, contributing to its current celebrity.

In December 2021, Stefano took charge of the kitchen at Bistrot de Venice.

Executive Chef Stefano Novello
Head Chef

Andrea Cecchetto

Young chef from Veneto with an authoritative professional background, driven by passion, curiosity and the spirit of sacrifice that this profession requires.

Higher School of Cuisine Jacopo da Montagnana 2008-2013 followed by the following professional training:
"Le Calandre" Italy, 3 Michelin Stars : 2014-2015
"Arpège" France, 3 Michelin Stars: 2016-2017
“Yuta” Maison Lafitte Francia, Head-Chef: 2017-2020
"Hiša Franko" Slovenia, 2 Michelin Stars Sous-Chef 2020-2022

Arrived at Bistrot de Venise in October 2022 with the aim of bringing back the History of Venetian and Italian Cuisine, contaminated by the various resident ethnic groups, from its beginnings to the present day.

Stefano Cipolato

"Tasting wine, interpreting it and finding the magical fil rouge that links it to a certain terroir and producer is one of my prerogatives. Correctly pairing wines with food is my priority". This is the philosophy of our sommelier Stefano Cipolato.

He has been an AIS sommelier since 2004, and was crowned Best Sommelier in Veneto in 2008.

In 2007 he was a semi-finalist for Italy's best sommelier, and also an official AIS taster in 2008 and 2009.

"The cellar at Bistrot de Venise really reflects my personality. Tradition, history and ties with the city and the land, in harmony with great classics and newcomers".

When the customer's eyes gleam with appreciation, our job is done.

Sommelier Stefano Cipolato

Alessia Piva

Having studied languages and trained as a ground hostess with Alitalia and Air France, Alessia then took the post of administrative secretary at Hotel Saturnia & International in Venice.

In 2018, her management and accountancy experience and IT skills took her to Bistrot de Venise as executive secretary.

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