Tuesday 19 February 2013 5.00 p.m. – Free admission - POETRY

The theory and aesthetics of joint works, by Alessandro Cabianca and Matteo Segafreddo

The paths of countless musicians and poets have crossed from ancient times to the present day. In an essay entitled “Armonie d’insieme – Musica e poesia dal mito al ‘900” (Cleup, 2009), the authors investigated the relationships between music and poetry. They are now ready to describe the paths that they followed as they produced four of their works: a Multimedia Show called “Influences”; the “Symmetries” Poetic Concert; a spectacular show called “Medea”; and an Opera named “The Musicians of Bremen”. Their main aim here is to discuss all of the literary and musical tools that are involved in the production of a work, while they also wish to reveal the secrets of their workshop and of the collaboration between a musician and a poet.

Coordinator: Severino Bacchin

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