Tuesday 24 November 2015 POETRY 5.00 pm – admission free

Anita Menegozzo was born in 1961, is married and has a 25-year-old daughter; she wrote at a very young age but stopped aged 16. She started again aged 50 after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and having suffered disappointments in the world of politics; all this prompted her towards poetry. She began writing civil texts before moving on to more philosophical writing; her writing saved little for sentiment. The rhythm of her poetry and the musicality of her verse have seen her receive offers for her work to be set to music, but she rarely accepts these…
Furthermore, the poet has led a solo battle against the clichés and scheduling which weighs down on the time and space set aside for art.
The events which she organises can be changed, in terms of schedule or texts, to accommodate those attending. Sometimes these events are enhanced by external contributions, even from unknown passers-by. Thus, from a minimalist blueprint, she develops an artistic direction which unravels freely. She chooses to allow art itself to make the decisions.

Curated by Anita Menegozzo

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